Instruction of Call for papers

Notes for Submission

* Website for submission will open on May 1, 2017

Presentation Style

There are four ways to present your work.
Oral (Paper Presentation), Poster Presentation, Symposium, Round table

Categories of papers

  1. Lesson study in different cultural, subject and learning contexts
  2. Research in practice and practice-based research approaches
  3. Developing Professional Learning Communities in schools
  4. Creating knowledge in practice and enhancing student learning
  5. Learning Studies and Learning Science
  6. Lesson study in teacher development and pre-service education
  7. Curriculum development, implementation and innovative uses of lesson study
  8. Leadership, management and policy making and the role of lesson study
  9. Lesson study in early year's education
  10. Lesson study in Higher Education
  11. Lesson Study in Special needs and inclusive education
  12. Research on teaching and lesson analysis

* please choose two categories for each submission


Each concurrent session (November 25 and 26) takes 90 minutes and is comprised of three presentations and discussion.
Symposia and Round tables take 90 minutes each and usually consist of three presentations. It is important to appoint a facilitator/coordinator to respond and manage these sessions and keep time.

Abstracts and full paper submission

  • The abstract title should be 20 words maximum with 300-600 words of text. The submission site opens from May 1 to August 31. Presenters are requested to choose two appropriate Research Topics from the 12 categories listed above.
  • Full paper submissions will be open from November 1 to December 31 accepted. Only PDF files (less than 15 pages included foot notes and references) will be accepted. Full papers will be available for access via WALS HP ( approximately 2 months after the conference.


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